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About the Book Club

What is it?

We are extending our Hotel Book Club membership to you. Even if we can’t gather in person, we’ve got something special in store for you. This is what we are offering:

☁️ Quarterly book boxes delivered to your doorstep, packed with the book of the quarter and curated gifts. Our jam is newly released fiction!

☁️ Lifetime discounts on rooms AND hotel merch at both of our hotel locations. Our current locations are in Kennett Square and West Chester, Pennsylvania.

☁️ Exclusive discounts and priority access to tickets for our annual (and themed) BOOK BALL at our new venue. Yes, you read that right, a Book Ball! More info to come.

☁️ PLUS Invitations to special events, book signings, author talks, and more to come.


We want to help you build your library, get together with your friends, and maybe even start your own meetup. Fostering a sense of community around books can be incredibly enriching and fulfilling. Plus, it opens up opportunities for meaningful discussions, exchanges of perspectives, and the exploration of diverse viewpoints. Bringing everyone together through books is our goal.

Here’s the plan: We’re all about inclusivity, not just Chester County. We want to build this thing from coast to coast! Picture Book Balls popping up everywhere, so every member can join in wherever they are. Imagine members starting their own book clubs with friends and neighbors. Books have a unique way of uniting people from all walks of life, and we are here for it.

Mission Statement:

Connecting People Through Books

We envision a world where every book lover can easily find and join a book club in their area. Our mission is to foster community and connection by making it simple to discover and participate in local book clubs in their own hometown. It’s about hanging out, having meaningful discussions, and enjoying the company of fellow readers. Also we LOVE throwing parties, so if we need an Annual Book Ball to bring us all together, so be it!!

MEMBERSHIP OPENS AUGUST 1st, 2024! Spots will fill quickly before enrollment closes again. 

❤️, The Bookhouse Hotel

Book Club Membership

Ready join the club?



$75 billed quarterly, free shipping. Quarterly Billing on the 1st of June, Sept, Dec, March.



$270 billed annually, free shipping.
Billing on June 1st 2024 to June 1st 2025.

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